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Welcome to Musikayak, the official website of the French composer Marc Kowalczyk!
Here is a short presentation of his life, work (both contemporary classical and variety music) and musical art. A fuller text is available, but only on the French version of this website for now.

Marc Kowalczyk was born in Clamart near Paris in 1973.
He studied piano, harmony and musical analysis at the Ecole Nationale d'Issy-les-Moulineaux, composition at the Paris XIV Conservatoire with Roger Tessier and musicology at the Sorbonne in Paris.
He has written three books and numerous articles on twentieth century music, gives regular conferences, and has co-organised with the prestigious institutions of France many events on contemporary music.
He is currently preparing an exhaustive compilation of the works of Vincent d'Indy for CD-ROM.
An ardent defender of the music of his time, in 1992 he founded (and from 1992 to 1994 presided over) the Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Music (APMC) with the support of SACEM, the world-wide distributor of the works of over 70 living French composers.
He was in residence at Thouars (Deux Sevres department, near the Vendée region) during 1995 where, thanks to concerts, conferences, exhibitions and debates, the aesthetics of his music became known.
In 1997, he directed the collection "Clés contemporaines" for the editing house of Pierre Lafitan.
In 1998 he composed the police opera "Délit d'innocence" which has toured the Ile de France (the region around Paris) in two separate productions.
In June 2000 he expanded the principle of resident artist composer by choosing the town of Vanves (Hauts de Seine department next to Paris) as the place to associate his music with all other art forms (painting, literature, cinema, dance, photography, sculpture and theatre).
Since 2001 he has turned to variety music and composed a musical comedy and many single songs. Already producers have noticed the diversity of his style and the mastery of his harmonies.
In 2004 he composed Au coeur du piano (Pierre Lafitan Editions) a great piano's method with residences from 2009...
He has written over 70 pieces of contemporary music, all of which have been created and subsequently performed, from solo to orchestral including vocal. They feature regularly in the programmes of festivals, salons, music schools and at other diverse events both in France and abroad. The majority of his work is available on compact disc (6 CDs are currently available).
His contemporary works are classified by "series" of ideas developing one aspect of music, divided as required into "movements". His principal commissions to date have been: Tramixten S.12 M.A and Hopasko S.16 M.C for ADDM 79 in 1994; Et leurs idées reçues Série 19 for the State in 1994; Mixtition Série 21 for the town of Thouars during his 1995 residency; Pour une danse Série 31 for the Perpignan Festival Aujourd'hui Musiques in 1996; Duo progressif S.30 M.B for the Mouvement Musique Rationnelle in 1997; Stochos Série 36 for the Orchestre Confluence in 1998; Jeu d'or S.15 M.J and Voix contemporaine S.33 M.D for the Vanves music school during his 2000 residency.
He writes emotive sounds having behind them a whole history (literary, emotional or visual) using complex theoretical even sometimes scientific forms, adapted to the desired psychological character. The message is transmitted and evolves through the work's sonorous architecture. The aesthetics of his music consequently named "rational" are presented at numerous musical events.

Building on his solid grounding in classical music, he has turned to variety music where his art of melody can be freely expressed. Touching all musical styles (French variety, rap, salsa, groove, disco, dance, rumba…), he has rediscovered his pleasure in writing music with beautiful melodies full of emotion based on harmonies which find their origins in classical principles yet are rich and diverse. Besides a musical comedy awaiting production (29 songs, Chances productions), he has composed 4 songs for a girl-boy duo (Too You Fun, King Caméléo Production), the disco song Dieu est une femme (Stéphanie Pétrequin, Dune Sound) and the rumba Dance for ever for the Grand prix de Paris de Danse sportive latine, danced by the French champions on 2 February 2003 at Paris-Bercy (Olivier Constantin, Gérard Louas Production).
His forthcoming projects include a song for the Ile de la Réunion, further dance songs, and other independent projects...

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(Translation Helen Orrin, 2003)